About Us

Passion Chocolate is one of the few Prague-based Chocolatiers. You can enjoy fresh and locally produced hand-made chocolates and pralines. We are committed to making top quality Belgian chocolates and pralines, with a modern twist, where each piece has its own distinctive character.

Product range

You can enjoy 9 different flavour combinations that bring back memories of natural and strongly varying tastes.

Our story

There is no better way to learn about stories than from the people that are actually a part of it.

Our chocolate

We are using premium Belgian chocolate Callebaut and Cacao Barry, known for their quality and long traditions.

Chocolate & health

Even the ancient cultures of Olmecs, Mayas and Aztecs believed in the health benefits of cocoa.

Quality of chocolate

1.Fermenting of the cacao beans is a crucial step in developing the flavour, aroma and essential oils in the beans.


The origins of cacao are traceable back to 5000 BC in areas of South America, in the Amazon River basin and in Venezuela.