Our chocolate

We are using premium Belgian chocolate Callebaut and Cacao Barry. These chocolate brands are known for their quality and long traditions. They select, roast and grind their entire cacao beans themselves. This ensures that the quality is constantly under their active and personal control. In 1996 the Belgian chocolate producer Callebaut, and the French chocolate company Cacao Barry, joined forces, creating a new company called Barry Callebaut. With more then 6,000 employees in 30 countries Barry Callebaut is clearly recognized in the food industry one of the most reliable supplier of high-quality products, with a very strong social responsibility and with a specific and strict rule not to employ children that are under 18 years old in any part of their production process.

Types of chocolate
You can enjoy top quality products, with intense taste and without added conservatives. The chocolates contain 100% pure cocoa butter, rich cacao powder and natural bourbon vanilla.

White Chocolate Velvet
The Callebaut’s Finest Belgian White Chocolate with a touch of pure bourbon vanilla and 100% cocoa butter from specially selected cocoa beans. Creamy premium milk enriched with the highly distinctive flavour of delicious vanilla. With this combination, you will experience a smooth harmony with an intense taste of fresh milk and less sugar.

Milk Chocolate Venezuela 38,6%
It is characterized by a harmonious balance of cocoa and milk with subtle caramel touches. The roasting of the beans is done at a very exact temperature to release the precious flavours and aromas represented in the cocoa beans. We have selected this 38,6% cacao chocolate for you due to its unique combination with fruits.

Dark Chocolate Kumabo 80%
The origins of this chocolate are from the Sambirano valley, where some of the world’s finest cocoa is grown. Madagascar’s deep red soil is the cradle of many sensual and inspiring spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and pink pepper. This dark chocolate with 80% of cacao has a powerful taste, with natural hints of exotic woods. You will experience a fruity heart of blueberry and impressions of liquorice and roasted coffee beans.