Our story

Geert & Melinda

1. Where are you from?
Melinda: I was born in Budapest, the capitol city of Hungary.
Geert: I come from Antwerp, the main city in Flanders in Belgium.

2. What and where did you study?
Melinda: I worked for many years for various international companies, but then I decided to change to a more creative profession. When I visited Antwerp and saw a chocolatier working with the chocolate, I completely fell in love with this craft. I followed courses in Belgium, Hungary and England, specialising in the production of chocolate, pralines and their decorations.
Geert: I studied economical engineering at the University in Antwerp.

3. Where did the idea of establishing a chocolate company in Prague come from?
Melinda: We moved here about 5 years ago and I was looking for something where I can fulfil my artisan desire. Prague was the perfect place for doing that.
Geert: We noticed the growing interest of people in quality food and production. As both Belgium and Czech Republic are famous for their beers, we decided to bring Belgium’s second treasure to Prague, the chocolate.

4. What is the novelty of your products compared with the current offer in Prague?
Geert: It is important to note that we are not a re-seller of chocolate in Prague. We produce it freshly here. All our products are hand-made by Melinda.
Melinda: Our approach is based upon flexibility; I like to work with customers that have certain ideas how to personalise their chocolates, either with different ingredients or with varying motives or packaging. We are very open to any individual requests.

5. Do you mix well with the local competition?
Geert: Yes, we grew up with such values as respect for the competition. With fights you can only win in the short term.

6. Melinda do you strictly follow recipes or can you use your imagination and creativity?
Melinda: In case of the preparation of chocolate itself, I strictly follow certain techniques and procedures. But I cannot imagine a product that is more inviting to use your imagination and creativity on than chocolate does.

7. What do you consider to be the most important thing when making chocolate? 
Melinda: The process looks very simple, but those who have ever tried, know it's a complex process. It needs to be done very precisely, under the right conditions and with human-eye quality control to make the desired product. For me it is really important that the quality of chocolate and ingredients I am working with are of the best quality.
Geert: Quality and Melinda's passion.