Product range

Tablet chocolates

You can enjoy 9 different flavour combinations that bring back memories of the basic fundamentals: natural and strongly varying tastes.They are available in three different sizes:

- 100g big tablet of chocolate.
- 30g small tablet of chocolate.
- 5g degustation square available in luxury gift box or individually wrapped in cellophane sachets.

These can be nice presents for your friends, family or guests. If you are interested in using our chocolate for your business partners or employees please contact us directly or visit our section services.

The fruits that we are use are called freeze-dried fruits. This process is also known as lyophilisation. The pieces of fresh fruit firstly shocked frozen, then placed in the oven with a pressure value than the vapour pressure of water, so that water evaporates from frozen fruit. It passes from a solid phase (ice) directly into a gaseous state (water vapour). The dried fruit then retains maximum amount of its original texture, colour and flavour, but also the necessary vitamins and minerals, which are usually destroyed by heat drying.

Our flavours include a variety of nuts such as pistachios, hazelnut or coated almonds in sugar and cinnamon, as well as interesting fruit combinations with strawberries, raspberries, currants or passion fruit. This allows you to choose from a very wide selection, even for those that are allergic to nuts. On special requests we can also prepare specific type of chocolate that is suitable for people with diabetes.


A new range of pralines with unique combinations of chocolate and flavours is now in preparation. We are focusing mainly on fruit fillings with intense flavours as well as pralines combined with alcohol and nuts. We believe that the quality of our ingredients is one of the most crucial aspects for the final and overall taste of our pralines. Working with fresh cream, the best fruit purees and the finest spirits and liquors, this allows our pralines to have a very intense and delicate flavour. The shelf life of our pralines is limited, so they are now available on demand for special events or occasions only.