Hat Box


We created an excellent and unique taste for chocolate lovers. You can choose from the 9 different combination: 

1. Walnut & Poppy seeds -  decorated with caramelized walnut pieces / milk-white chocolate

2. Banana & Passion friut & Orange  - decorated with orange pieces  / milk-white-white chocolate

3. Coffee & Cloves -  decorated with chocolate coffee pieces / white-milk chocolate

4. Green tee Mint  / white-dark chocolate

5. Lanvender & Rose - decorated with rose flowers  / white-white chocolate

6. Cocos  - decorated with cocos pieces / milk-white chocolate

7. Joghurt & Forest fruit - decorated with dried freezed cherry and dark chocolate  / white-white chocolate

8. Chili & Chive - decorated with chili and cashew hinted with pepper/ dark-white chocolate

9. Joghurt & Mango - decorated with mango / white and dark chocolate



Store at temperature from 12°C to 20°C in a dry place. Protect from direct light and sunlight.
Item weight: 
649,00 Kčincl. DPH

Dark chocolate Origin Madagascar 67,8%, Venezuela Milk chocolate 38,6% , White chocolate Velvet. Joghurt, dried frizzed fruit : cherry, strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit. 100% bio green tee, 100% bio mint, cocos, orange, mango, rose and lavender oil. Coffee, cloves, cinnamon, walnuts, poppy seeds